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 Thank you for visiting our website which proudly represents The Elvis Aaron Presley-TCB 4EVR Official Fan Club. As a web-based fan club that is socially based all over the world we are proud to share our main mission with you...keeping the life and legacy of Elvis Presley alive and thriving. We currently have over 16,000 members and we love watching our fan club expand as we meet and welcome new Elvis fans into our club. We hope you join us as we continue celebrating Elvis Presley!     

We are Officially Recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises and continue to share the legacy of Elvis: The son, the actor, the performer, the husband, the father, the friend, the giver, but most importantly, the man. Our goal is to let you experience that. In an awesome way.                                                                                                         



 Be sure to connect with us to receive all the updates, news, photos, videos, and more concerning our fan club on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/EP4EVR

 Thank you, Thank you very much. 





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